Strol says goodbye!

It's been a blast to invent, develop and run Strol to give travelers ability to find best looking, most interesting, fun walking routes tailored exactly to traveler’s location and time on hands. In a short period of just few years travelers - Strol users, discovered tens of thousands unique routes in four thousands cities all over the Globe. It is an incredible number of scenic walks! Kudos to you, globetrotters!
Strol begun in 2013 with a simple question: how to find what to see, what street to walk in an unfamiliar city without spending time reading guide books. And even if you read, guide books would give you a few prefab routes irrespective of your location and time. And they still do. What a shame in the age of big data and AI.

The solution came with the realization that we can find best points of interest and street blocks to walk just by counting peoples reactions to what they see - just like by counting “john was here” scribbled on walls. From that point it was just a matter of counting “writings on the wall” and creating algorithms that build your scenic route.
This being a simple idea required big measure of ingenuity to implement. Strol developed intellectual property to find most visually interesting areas and to build waking routes using this data.
Strol obtained US patent for the technology it developed. The same technology can be used with different types of spatial data to determine most efficient data use.
An incredible team of individuals assembled to create Strol - Irina Shamkova, Dmitry Chistyakov, Andrey Kirkov, Alexey Soukhoruchko, Andrei Nikulin and Serguei Sofinski, all are avid travelers, Internet entrepreneurs, software engineers and scientists.
All of us at Strol thank Strol users for the dedication to Strol! With sadness we concede that we can no longer maintain Strol as a free project and have to close it. Thank you all for using Strol and we wish you to keep exploring this incredible world!
So long!
Strol team